Greek Week Begins

A competitive dance battle will kick off the start of Greek Week in Marshall’s Greek community this March. 

But it is more than a competition, said Delta Zeta’s Catherine Blankenship. Accroding to Blankenship, “it’s a week for the Greek community to come together.”  

Blankenship, who is the coach for Kappa Sigma, said events like Greek Sing can bring opportunities for bonding between the fraternities and sororities on the Huntington campus. 

“Some of the things that you can gain from it are leadership skills, communication skills, bonding, and life skills that will carry on with you later in life,” Blankenship said. 

Greek Sing will ignite the start of Greek week on Mar. 27, which will feature multiple activities and events planned for people in fraternity and sorority life.  

“There are a couple of different sport events; volleyball, basketball, flag football,” Brennan Amaral, a member of Alpha Sigma Phi, said. “Greek Sing provides people within the Greek community an opportunity to show their skills.” 

“While it is a competition, it’s a week to recognize the importance of the Greek community,” Amaral said. 

This will be the first Greek Sing event since the social gathering was canceled due to COVID-19 in 2020. 

“I am really excited about it because the last time that I had the opportunity to be in Greek Sing was in March of 2020 whenever I was a new member and then with COVID,” Blankenship said. “Everything got shut down.” 

She recalled how hard she practiced, like other chapters did, just to find out it would be canceled.  

“I was disappointed at first, but now we finally get the chance of doing something that everybody should be excited about,” she said. “It’s going to be a great time”. 

Students are encouraged to attend the dance battle which will be held on Mar. 27 at city hall. The time of the event will be announced soon. 

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