Marshall Students Offered to Apply for D.C. Internship

College students across West Virgina have been given the opportunity to work with Senator Shelly Moore (R-WV) and other senators in West Virgina and Washington D.C.  

Aiden Miller recently spoke to Marshall University’s Student Government association about an internship program to work with Senator Moore in Charleston and/or D.C. Miller works as Senator Moore’s intern coordinator and spoke about what is it like to be an intern for Senator Moore. “I feel that a lot of students, schools, and student government associations, in general, don’t know the opportunities that they have in D.C. around Capitol Hill,” Miller said.  

Miller also talked about his personal experience with this internship program. “It’s something that I did in the summer of 2019,” he added to that by saying, “I learned a lot and met a lot of great people….it basically catapulted my career in politics”.  

The internship program has two different sessions in the summer, according to Miller. “One session starts in June and ends Jul. 4. The other starts after Jul. 4 and ends mid-August. Also, we have fall and spring internship session.” The internships are six to eight weeks long in both Charleston and D.C.  

The internship is available to anyone who could “see yourself working on Capitol Hill, or in politics, or public service.” Miller added on by saying, “You will be able to leave the experiences, more knowledgeable, and maybe a little bit more well-rounded towards what your opportunities are as an individual.”  

The internship will provide students with several different skills, according to Miller. “It’s very helpful that you learn people skills, how to help somebody that’s calling… it’s a really good skill to have no matter what you go into.”  

The internship application requires two essays along with two letters of recommendation from a professor. The application deadline is Apr. 8.