TEDx Set to Return for 4th Year to Share Stories that Change Us


Grace Hewitt, Reporter

The 4th annual TEDx MarshallU will be held this Saturday, Feb. 26, giving anyone in the Huntington and Marshall community, an opportunity to learn more about the theme, “Stories that change us.”  

TEDx MarshallU Co-organizer for students, Ralph May said it speaks to the students at Marshall in many ways, and everyone has their own story.  

“I think it’s important for all of us to show how both our story and our collective story impacts different levels, and impacts someone you know, the university, or the community within,” May said.  

Lead organizer of TEDx MarshallU, Dr. Brian Kinghorn said stories are how people make sense of life and how they can be shared to create an understanding of the world.  

“First speaker of the night Dan Hollis is going to talk about how seeing the story is just as important as being in the story and understanding it,” Kinghorn said.  

 Kinghorn expressed the timing and planning of the event had its own significance to Marshall.  

“We picked this event to be earlier this year, because it’s the end of black history month which is all about history and stories,” Kinghorn said. “We’re also moving into national reading month in March to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday in which is all about storytelling and writing.”  

TEDx MarshallU event will focus on not only storytelling but how to do it through various mediums as well.  

“As we think about storytelling and what TED is all about, it’s all about ideas, so our stories aren’t just about ideas, they are stories that are vehicles to ideas.” Kinghorn also said “We want new ways of thinking and opportunities, for people to grow and make a difference for the good in the world.”   

May said he wants people to takeaway everyone has a different story and a unique way of telling sharing it.  

“You have your own individual story and maybe you aren’t sure how to tell that story.” May said, “Through this event they can see how many different ways stories are being told and how they can better their own.”  

Tickets are on sale now and in person until Wednesday. In person tickets for students are $5, general admission is $15 and there will also be a live streaming option which is free. The event will be held Saturday, Feb.26 5-7pm in the Don Morris room. To register and purchase tickets, scan the QR code in the picture.