Marshall Student Hosts Discussion About Accessibility on Campus

Marshall University welcomed input from students about their concerns at the pizza social that was held Oct. 2 at the Memorial Student Center. 

“I decided to hold this event so that students could discuss their concerns about accessibility and accommodations on campus in an open environment,” Ayanda Nnachi, organizer of this event, said. “I think it is important for students to be able to talk about issues they may have noticed or may be experiencing when it comes to accessibility and accommodations. Students need to know that their concerns are shared, and that they can be heard.” 

The event’s purpose is to assess the needs of those with both physical and learning disabilities and work to make changes. 

“They will have the individuals complete an anonymous survey regarding hot they feel about the issues on campus,” Stephanie Ballou, director of Disability Services said, “I think that this survey will be a great baseline for this year to evaluate how accessible the campus and where updates need to be addressed.” 

Nnachi  said there are issues and concerns at Marshall University that often go unreported. 

“My position as a senator in Marshall’s student government could help me initiate these changes. I hope that by holding this event I can make a difference here at Marshall by helping to make campus more disability-friendly,” said Nnachi. 

They taught participants in the social how to report concerns they have about issues that may occur on campus. 

 Ayanda Nnachi can be contacted at at [email protected]