Tutoring services remain available to students for fall semester

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has brought several changes to how students can get the help they need with homework or an upcoming test by meeting with a tutor.  

After President Gilbert suspended face-to-face meetings for the spring semester, tutoring services moved to virtual and students would have to conduct sessions with tutors through Microsoft Teams. 

Skylar Mease is one of the tutors that students can request for help.

Mease said he believes the idea of tutoring students virtually is one that can seem intimidating. 

“For one, you must suddenly fear having a bad connection not only with your students, but also the Internet,” Mease said in an e-mail. 

Mease said there are many challenges that come with meeting people online such as potential issues with technology and various other complications related to the use of Microsoft Teams for holding virtual course sessions.  

“It takes more time on average to cover the same level of material online, because in-person, I have an extra means for understanding the state of my student body language,” Mease said in an e-mail. 

Sabrina Simpson is the Director of New Student Orientation and the Coordinator of Tutoring Services. She said that students will still be provided with great service and can tutor from any place they are. 

“The process was effective in the spring,” Simpson said in an e-mail. “So, we anticipate that it will be equally as effective in the fall term.” 

They can also go to the tutoring office’s website to fill out a Request Tutor form.

Marshall’s Tutoring Services website can be found at: https://www.marshall.edu/uc/tutoring-services/.

Jonathan Still can be contacted at [email protected]