E-Day to bring environmental awareness


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Those interested in learning different ways to save the planet are invited to join state council members and environmental activists at the West Virginia State Capitol building on Jan. 28 to celebrate “E-Day at the Legislature.” Different environmental groups will be in attendance with tables and informational brochures for those who have questions about the environment or those looking for ideas to help the environment.

Marshall University student Caitlin Myers said she plans to participate in “E-Day” because she has seen environmental issues inn different parts of West Virginia.

“I’ll be in attendance at the event because I see too many areas in West Virginia neglected with trash and waste, and being in Huntington, I see a lot of trash around the city,” Myers said. “If we start to clean up our cities one by one, this would lead to our state being cleaner and overall a healthier world for us to live in”.

During the event, attendees will have the opportunity to converse with one another about ideas and ways to get a cleaner, healthier environment. Tracy Danzey, an environmental activist, will be there to speak about environmental issues.

Mya Stevenson, a sophomore environmental science major, said she thinks having “E-Day at the Legislature” at the capitol building is beneficial and she is eager to attend.

“A couple of my classmates are pretty excited about the event,” she said. “We feel it’s even better that it’s at the West Virginia State Capitol building because it makes it sound more serious and people will start to see that the environment is really important if it is having an event at the state capitol building.”

Stevenson also said this year’s event will not be her first experience concerning environmental health.

“I participated in a couple environmental events back home in Texas, but they weren’t really taken seriously,” she said.

The event is open to the public and even encourages those who may feel they do not know much about the environment to come out and lend an ear, hopefully to maybe spark some ideas or new interest within.

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