Marshall’s art professors showed their exquisite corpse work.


Andrea Steele

Marshall University art students collborate on the exhibit, “Amalgam” at the Birke Art Gallery. The exhibit is on display until Feb. 20.

Marshall University artists were invited to submit their work to the foundation series Amalgam at the Birke Art Gallery.

Marshall’s art professors showed their exquisite corpse work.

In these examples of exquisite corpse, one person would start a drawing on one half of the piece of paper, and then someone else finishes the piece in another style.

Hayson Harrison, Marshall professor and one of the participants in the exquisite corpse, said this is her ninth year teaching at Marshall.

Harrison said she was given criteria to complete her work. She was told that her part of the picture had to be a pig, boat or vase.

Harrison did the top half of a picture and Samantha Belcher, a Marshall professor, did the bottom.

The top part of the picture used colored pencils, while the bottom half used shading pencils.

The Birke Art Gallery is located in Smith Hall.

The art will be up at the gallery until Feb. 20.

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