Criminal justice fraternity uses pies to fundraise for conference


Madalyn McCoy

Alpha Sigma Phi, a criminal justice fraternity, gave students an opportunity to pie a professor to raise money for an upcoming national confererence.


Pie A Teacher in the Face was a fundraiser held by a criminal justice honors group Tuesday in front of the Memorial Student Center. 

Alpha Phi Sigma is a criminal justice fraternity at Marshall University. All the proceeds from their fundraiser will go towards helping their members attend the national conference in March of 2020, said Elenore Coggins, president of Alpha Phi Sigma. 

“The conference is something that I have enjoyed going to the past couple of years,” Coggins said. “It is a great way to meet new people from around the world because even international groups come to this event.”  

Every year, the conference has a different theme of topics that will be discussed, Coggins said. Last year, the theme was mental health issues, but the upcoming conference theme has yet to be announced.

“We have other fundraisers in the works to help raise money for the trip,” Coggins said. “Be looking for a pepperoni roll fundraiser and Applebee’s pancake breakfast in the future.”

Brittany Collie, senior and vice president of Alpha Phi Sigma, has been part of the organization for two years and said she is excited about attending another national conference with the criminal justice department. 

“Going to the conference is a great opportunity just to mingle with people in the criminal justice field, and it can also turn into a great potential job opportunity as well,” Collie said. 

“I did not have many friends before I joined the fraternity, and now, after being a member, I reach out to many different people and get to know many different people,” Collie said. “I also reach out to the community more and feel more involved within the university.” 

Joining organizations like Alpha Phi Sigma gives students the opportunity to learn how to fundraise, put together more social events and to get more involved in the community by volunteer work, Collie said. 

“I wish I would have joined sooner, and if I have any advice for an incoming freshman, it would be to get more involved with your school and community because the reward from it is great with the experience you get and the people you meet,” Collie said.

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