International Women’s Day event honors feminists from across the world


Sarah Ingram

Claire Snyder, program coordinator for Marshall's Women and Gender Center, provides information to interested students in the Student Center.

The Marshall University Women’s Center paid homage to feminists who have fought for social justice across the globe Thursday, during an International Women’s Day event in the Memorial Student Center.

The event had tablesset up to represent different countries and included information about women who have fought for change.

Stephanie Hansell, who is doing work study, said events like this on college campuses are important because some people don’t realize that the things that don’t impact them can impact other people.

“Although we have many things that we need to work on in our country, there are so many things that are being done and need help with in other countries,” Hansell said.

To shine a light on that, and to make someone aware of the issues, is something that Hansell said she was excited to be a part of.

David Powell, a worker in Marshall’s LGBTQ+Office, said he believes it is important to draw the public attention to certain issues. He said problems with equality still exist within the country, and the event was a way to draw attention to those issues.

Powell said he hopes the event showed people that women throughout history have not been what they have been portrayed as.

“They have been strong— the pioneers, the ones who have created the culture that we live in,” Powell said.

The next Women’s History Month event will take place Monday, March 11 at 7 p.m. in the Cellar Door.

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Sarah Ingram
Sarah Ingram
Sarah Ingram