Sorority event hopes to raise ‘stacks’ for charity


Sarah Ingram

Sigma Sigma Sigma will prepare and serve pancakes on March 15 to raise money for the Tri Sigma Foundation and the March of Dimes.

Seeking to raise money for its philanthropy, the sorority Sigma Sigma Sigma will host the fifth annual Sigma Stacks March 15 from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. at the Sigma Sigma Sigma house. 

“This is the first year that it has been in the spring semester, so we are excited to see how that’s going to go,” said Sydni Pierce, a first-year business management major who is Sigma Sigma Sigma’s foundation chair.

This all-you-can-eat pancake dinner used to be in the fall, Pierce said, but has been changed to spring to accommodate the sorority’s fall Chili Fest, another philanthropy event.

The fifth annual Sigma Stacks will be “Be Our Guest” themed, consisting of Disney-related decorations, Pierce said. 

“One thing that is unique to each philanthropy chair is that they’re allowed to kind of run with the theme, as far as that goes, so this is the first year I believe that we have had a Disney theme as well,” Pierce said. 

With a goal to raise more money than last year for its two charities, the Tri Sigma Foundation and the March of Dimes, members of Sigma Sigma Sigma “want to get as much money for our philanthropies as we possibly can,” Pierce said. 

“Our motto is ‘Sigma Serves Children,’” Pierce said. 

The March of Dimes and the Tri Sigma Foundation do just that, she said. 

Pierce said the Tri Sigma Foundation “helps to provide funds to children,” and the March of Dimes “helps premature babies and their parents with the funding for hospitals.” 

“I worked with the March of Dimes in high school,” Pierce said. “So, that’s really cool I get to work with this organization in college as well.” 

The philanthropies also connect with Kasey Bienkowski, a Sigma Sigma Sigma member who said, as an elementary education major, she wants to help out as many children as she possibly can.

“Sigma’s donations help provide funding to build play atriums in hospitals, and a lot of girls in the chapter were born premature, so it’s nice to give back,” Bienkowski said. 

Not only can attendants receive all-you-can-eat pancakes, “which is awesome for you,” Pierce said, but “you know your money is going for a good cause.” 

Despite how much time and effort the philanthropy event has required, Pierce said she is “super excited.” 

Tickets for Sigma Stacks cost $5, and Sigma Sigma Sigma members will begin promoting the event soon to help sell tickets, Pierce said. 

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