Brown Dog Yoga provides ways to exercise, relax with various classes

Yoga is only one of the options available to individuals who attend classes at Brown Dog Yoga, a locally-owned yoga studio with a location in Huntington. 

In addition to yoga classes, the studio offers classes in indoor cycling, barre and TRX, as well as a fusion class, which incorporates weight and resistance training, said Katrina Mailhoux, owner of the studio. She said the instructors at Brown Dog Yoga also help individuals create a plan to help them meet their fitness goals. 

“When you come to our studio, our instructors will help you set up a plan with a certain number of classes or days that you should be working out for the goals that you want to achieve,” Mailhoux said. 

Mailhoux said a few examples of this would be, if an individual wants to get more toned, the instructors at Brown Dog would suggest resistance training classes, or to lose weight, instructors would suggest cycling classes or if one wanted to decompress and destress for finals, they recommend a little yoga.

“Brown Dog has an extremely welcoming and comfortable environment,” said Hannah Price, a junior communication disorders major at Marshall. “You have more options when it comes to classes. The instructors are enthusiastic, helpful and keep up the momentum and energy during classes.”

Brown Dog Yoga offers a student membership which is a $20 savings off of the monthly rate. The student membership is $79 a month.

“Brown Dog has a student discount that makes it much more affordable for me and other students,” said Kayla Barnette, a graduate student at Marshall. “I like to break it down by how much I pay per class which ends up to be $5-6 each class, depending on how much I go throughout the month.”

Brown Dog Yoga also combines the different types of classes it offers, like cycling with yoga, with fusion and with barre. 

Mailhoux said, though Marshall students can go to the Marshall Recreation Center, it is different than Brown Dog Yoga. 

“Marshall students can obviously go to the Rec Center, but I think one thing that sets us apart from the Rec Center is that it is a big gym,” Mailhoux said. “I can remember, when I was in college, I would walk in there, and I didn’t know what to do with all the machines and dumbbells.” 

A lot of Marshall students take classes at the studio, Mailhoux said. 

“I like to go back because I feel like I always get a really good workout while I am there,” Barnette said. “Each time I go, I can tell that I have improved and gotten stronger, which makes me feel like my time there was worthwhile.”  

Brown Dog Yoga is located in Heritage Station at 210 11th St.

Anna Marsh can be contacted at [email protected]