Moonlight Cookies delivers sweet treats to satisfy evening cravings


Moonlight Cookies offers cookies as well as a lunch and dinner menu on Saturdays. The local business is located in Heritage Station and utilizes local products, such as eggs, flour butter and pure vanilla, to create its cookies.

For those who may be craving late night sweets, Moonlight Cookies delivers.

Moonlight Cookies is a new business at Heritage Station which opened last Halloween. 

“I feel like Huntington needed a late-night cookie place. I’ve seen it work in other cities,” Molly Paxton, co-owner of Moonlight Cookies, said. “After doing some odd jobs and going to college for a while, I felt that I could open up a small business, because I had enough people in the Huntington community behind me.”

The business started at a local grocery store in the West End. Paxton said she would work there during the day, and in return, they let her use the commercial kitchen for free. She said she saw how the community of Huntington responded to late night cookies, and as time went on, she made enough money to open a shop in Heritage Station. 

Paxton only delivered before moving to Heritage Station, and now there seems to be more foot traffic, Kathy Paxton, Molly Paxton’s mother, said.

“We know what young people like, but we also have ties to all ages in the community. I think we can suit the needs of a wide age gap,” Paxton said.

Kathy Paxton said her and her daughter found a passion for baking together and opening Moonlight Cookies was a way to put that passion into a career.

“We both have enjoyed cooking our whole lives,” Kathy Paxton said. “We get to enjoy both music and cooking together while having fun.”

At Moonlight Cookies, local products like eggs, flour, butter and pure vanilla are used. 

“We know the importance of supporting local business,” Paxton said. “Huntington is so good at supporting local businesses, which has really helped our business.” 

Heritage Station differs from Pullman Square in that every business at Heritage Station is locally owned. Whenever people shop at Heritage Station, money is going back into the community, Paxton said. 

Moonlight Cookies also partners with other businesses in Heritage Station, such as a pairing with TAP, where the businesses offered four beers and four cookies. Moonlight Cookies also has made cookies for the yoga mommy and me class at Brown Dog Yoga. 

“Partnerships have really helped with the take-off of the business,” Kathy Paxton said.

The winter hours of operation are 5-10 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 11:30 a.m.-10 p.m. Saturdays. The business is closed on Sundays and Mondays. 

For delivery, those interested may call or text at (304) 362-7656 or order through Facebook or Instagram. Moonlight Cookies accepts payment through cash, credit card, PayPal or Instagram. 

Anna Marsh can be contacted at [email protected]