Safety Town celebrates a safe Halloween

Even the buildings were fun sized at Safety Town’s second annual Safe Trick or Treat Tuesday, Oct. 30, which anticipated well over 1,500 young trick or treaters.

Apart from the candy, music, games and inflatables, kids had the opportunity to use a fire hose, kick in a door and enter into a SWAT vehicle. Various other community organizations were also present passing out candy.

“It’s so important for kids to have positive contacts with first responders like policemen and firemen,” Huntington Chief of Police Hank Dial said. “Because often when we come into their lives it’s on a bad day. And if they can have some connection to us in a positive light, then when they have to deal with us in an emergency situation, it makes them more comfortable.”

Safety Town has gone through a series of renovations lately, as well as program restructuring for its school and community outreach activities. Most notably, the child-sized town purchased new vehicles for its traffic safety program, and they are hoping to purchase a new handicap accessible vehicle, which would cost around $12,000. While the event was free to attend, donations were accepted to aid in the fundraising goal for the new vehicle.

“We really want to bring more attention to Safety Town,” Beau Evans, traffic safety director for the City of Huntington, said. “Over the past few years, budgets have been tight, the attention has been taken away from community outreach programs. This year we have kind of restructured it.”

As far as staying safe on Trick or Treat night, Chief Dial shared a few tips to ensure safety and fun for all participating.

“Always be aware of your surroundings,” Dial said. “Make sure you stay out of the streets. Stay in well-lit places, stay in a group and always know where your child is.”

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