Marshall University volunteers repaint the Hal Greer underpass


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Marshall University faculty, staff and students showed support for the Huntington community by repainting, cleaning and performing landscaping maintenance on the Hal Greer underpass, Friday, Oct. 5.

As part of Marshall’s annual Day of Service, the event provided staff and students a creative outlet while also sending a valuable message of unity to the community, said Sara Scarbo, associate vice president of external engagement at Marshall Research Corporation.

Day of Service provides students volunteer opportunities throughout the Huntington community with local organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Facing Hunger Foodbank, Harmony House and more.

“Today is about service, and it is so inspiring to see so many students, staff and faculty coming together to help the Huntington community,” Scarbo said.

One of several Marshall administrators participating in the underpass maintenance was university president Jerome Gilbert.

Gilbert said the event was about much more than performing simple maintenance work.

“It’s important for Marshall to reach out to our community, not only to show we’re part of it, but we care about it as well,” Gilbert said.

He said while refreshing the attractiveness of the Hal Greer underpass area may not be the most extravagant contribution to the community, it will still make a profound impact.

“Today we want to beautify this underpass,” Gilbert said. “We want to create a more attractive, welcoming environment for visitors and residents traveling toward our campus.”

Gilbert also said everyone in the Huntington community benefits from Day of Service, and it is a valuable opportunity for Marshall students and faculty alike to become more involved.

Harshit Verma, a Marshall graduate student in computer science, is one of dozens of Marshall students who volunteered to participate in fixing and improving the underpass.

“I came out here to help,” Verma said. “I just wanted to do some type of service for my community.”

Verma said if Huntington’s environment looked more interesting and attractive, it would encourage more people to visit or even relocate to the community from surrounding areas. Verma is from India, where he said it is essential for everyone to participate in and provide services for their community.

“If something needs done in the community, we do it,” Verma said. “It just feels good to help,”

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