Marshall stalker pleads guilty, sentenced in magistrate court

A man who repeatedly stalked female students on Marshall University’s campus was sentenced during magistrate court Friday, Oct. 5. The sentence he received included not being able to enter West Virginia for at least a year.

Michael Hankins, 40, was arrested Sept. 16 after students reported him following a female student to her residence hall. He followed the student in his vehicle and on foot. Marshall University’s Police Department was able to identify Hankins with access to video footage.

In court, Hankins pled guilty to two separate misdemeanor accounts of stalking. The plea deal stated that Hankins will serve two six-month sentences consecutively, with one sentence served in jail while the other is suspended. The suspended sentencing means Hankins would be serving unsupervised probation and would not be required to reside in a jail facility.

The agreement also stated Hankins would not be allowed to return to the state for a year following his sentences under any circumstances. Hankins said he agreed that if he violated the order to stay out of West Virginia, he would return to jail for another six months.

Hankins has had multiple run-ins with MUPD. After instances in January 2016 and January 2017, officers reportedly instructed Hankins not to return to campus. After each instance, Hankins has been identified by witnesses or video footage.

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