MU film makers to compete in Green Globes

Marshall University students will have a chance to show their various films at the Film Club and CAB’s Green Globes April 21 at 7 p.m. on Harless Field.

Chase Jarrell, vice president of Film Club, said he thinks West Virginia isn’t a good place for film makers to show their work or even have a forum for them.

“This festival will give film makers something to put on their resume,” Jarrell said. “It’s somewhere their family can come out to support them and something that they can have a chance of winning while also having a good time.”

Jarrell said Film Club members wanted the Green Globes to have the festival feel to it, so they decided to have it outside.

Green Globes is not the only film festival taking place at Marshall. There is also a short film festival sponsored by the film studies program. Jarrell said that they are not competing, but he does believe that Green Globes sets a different environment by having an award ceremony, something that the short film festival does not have.

We don’t want it to be exclusive,” Jarrell said. “You don’t have to be a film studies major to be in the film club.”

Jarrell also said that the Green Globes will also be featuring music videos. Jarrell said he watched local stories on snapchat and noticed that people were posting parts of their own music videos on there. Jarrell said music videos often go unappreciated and he wishes to change that.

“In my knowledge, there are not many awards given for music videos,” Jarrell said. “You have the ones on TV, but those are for people who are well known in the industry.”

The festival will feature 25 works, including music videos, short films and documentaries. Jarrell said the Film Club itself has two films being screened, but they will not be up for any awards. The award ceremony will take place after the films have been screened.

If the weather should turn bad, Jarrell said, they will move the film festival to Smith Hall 154.

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