Police Blotter


A student reported he had $116 stolen off of his desk in his dorm room after leaving the room to use the restroom. The student claimed he left his door unlocked because he was using a restroom down the hall from his dorm. When he returned, he noticed the door had been left open and money was missing from his desk. The student claims to have noticed a male leaving from the general area of his dorm while he was walking back to his room. The student left a note on his believed suspect’s door informing him he would contact MUPD if the money was not returned. Officers made contact with the suspect who admitted to living in Holderby Hall, and MUPD is still investigating.

Petit Larceny

An iPhone was stolen from a student’s jacket pocket after briefly leaving the jacket unattended in a studio at the Recreation Center. While returning to the studio, she noticed a suspicious male leaving the area. When officers questioned the suspect, he admitted to stealing the iPhone and put it in his room in Twin Towers West. He gave MUPD permission to retrieve the phone from his dorm.

Petit Larceny from Auto

A student reported the license plate from her vehicle had been stolen after leaving the vehicle in the parking lot across from the Twin Towers Residence Halls. The student claimed to have left her father’s Pontiac on March 15, and the plate had disappeared when she returned on March 17.

Destruction of property

Officers came across a light pole they described “had been destroyed” on the southeast side of the Science Building March 18. The light pole is worth roughly $2,000. MUPD is unsure of how the accident occurred and are currently still investigating.

Grand Larceny

A student approached MUPD stating she believed a radio she purchased at a pawn shop had belonged to the department because it had an MUPD ID in the LED screen. The student informed officers of the shop she bought it from, and officers began an investigation. The police discovered the radio had been pawned January 7. Officers discovered who pawned the radio and made contact with the suspect. The police discovered the suspect had stolen and pawned multiple pieces of property from Marshall’s campus over the last few months. The suspect was charged with larceny, grand larceny and fraudulent schemes.


MUPD received notification of a car wreck on Fifth Avenue and discovered the driver inside of the vehicle unconscious. Officers described the scene as if someone had “veered off the road” and had struck a light pole. The officers found the owner of the vehicle in the front seat of the car, asleep. After having to physically shake the driver awake, the officers administered multiple sobriety tests. The driver failed all of them. The driver also could not provide proper identification. The driver later admitted he had ingested both heroin and meth. The driver had difficulty staying conscious, so officers contact EMS and had him transported to Cabell Huntington Hospital.

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