Marshall to vote whether to expand CAB budget

The Office of Student Activities will conduct a vote on the issue of expanding the Campus Activity Board’s student activities budget Tuesday and Wednesday.

Briana Murphy, public relations director for CAB, said the expansion consists of a fee increase which would allow CAB more money to have bigger events on campus and provide more free trips and activities for students.

“We’d be able to do a lot more large-scale things for students, like bringing acts as big as Cardi B, but also it would allow all our activities that students have to pay a small fee for, to be free,” Murphy, junior public relations major, said. “Like the ACE adventure trip this week costs $20, but with the fee increase it would be free.”

Rachel Sullivan, coordinator of public relations for CAB, said the student activities expansion idea and vote was a collaborative effort.

“The idea came about while thinking up programming ideas and realizing that we could do so much more for the students if we had a higher budget,” Sullivan, sophomore social work major, said. “Personally, I think it is a great idea. Being part of CAB, I have gained a better understanding of what the students would like to see here at Marshall, and I want to make these things happen. We can only do it with this increase.”

If the vote is passed, it will take effect in the fall semester of 2018.

Sullivan and Murphy said they hope there will be many positive results if everyone votes yes.

“I hope it will encourage more students to attend events CAB hosts, because these events are a great way to spend time with friends, meet new friends and get involved on campus,” Murphy said. “The fee increase will only better help encourage students to get involved and attend student events.”

Voting will begin Tuesday at 8 a.m. and end Wednesday at 4 p.m. on the same Herdlink page as Student Government Association elections.

Amanda Larch can be contacted at [email protected]