Marshall Rec Center Celebrates 9 Years

The Marshall University Rec Center is proudly celebrating it’s ninth year. Monday afternoon, the rec center had a raffle all day where entrants could win things like a free year membership along with free passes for premium classes. All classes at the rec center and entry were also free for members and non-members alike.

Associate Director Michele Muth said she thought the event would help both members and employees to celebrate.

“We opened our doors nine years ago on Feb. 5, 2009,” Muth said. “We are having a raffle today, all of our classes are free, all entry is free so no guest passes. All the employees are coming out, we are celebrating, it’s kind of bittersweet to have been here so long.”

Member and guest coordinator Kirsten Whittemore said she also hopes the event helps to celebrate members and non-members alike.

“It’s important for us, being in the Marshall community, to celebrate not only our members and our students, but for any non-members, it’s a great time to celebrate what we’re doing here,” Whittemore said.

Muth also said she hoped the event helped students to see the resource they have in the Rec Center on campus.

“If students are going to class, if they’re stressed out, they need a way to release that stress, and we want to be there for them and give them a place for them to come together,” Muth said. “We want to give them a place to be with other students, make new friends, participate in activities they never would have participated in, that’s what’s really important to us.”

Muth said this event helped the Marshall Rec Center to highlight some of their new classes and facilities.

“We have a bunch of brand new classes students have never been able to participate in before,” Muth said. “We have a new F45 class, and we are only the tenth university to have access to this class.”

Kyra Biscarner can be contacted at [email protected]