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I think I like someone else’s boyfriend. Please advise.

My advice is to not pursue a relationship with this person. If he is dating someone else, he should not be giving you romantic or sexual attention. If he is, take note of that. What does that tell you about the kind of partner he would be to you? It’s hard to ignore feelings for someone, I know, but I think it would be harder to pursue any kind of relationship with someone who is already, so to speak, “taken.”

Dear Alex,

My dad, a Trump supporter, follows me on Twitter where I spout facts against my dad’s favorite person. He also uses all my social media accounts to track where I am and what I’m doing at all times and will call me if he doesn’t approve of something. Do I block him? Love, a 24-year-old Teenager

You shouldn’t have to censor yourself on your own social media pages for your dad’s sake. Keep posting your political views and about your location and activities if you wish. If you have already had a conversation with him about this behavior, I think you can block your dad. Expect this to cause a conversation, possibly a confrontation, and have a plan for how to handle that. If you haven’t talked to him yet, try to bring up to him how his behavior is making you feel. Perhaps tell him you’d like to keep in touch with him on your terms. You’re an adult, and I’m sure you’re busy doing your own thing. He should respect that. As for politics, family comes first. Explain to your dad that you are not going to engage in political discourse with him unless you feel comfortable doing so. If he can’t put your differences aside, remind him that even Trump and Ivanka have disagreements and they seem to get along just fine. In all seriousness, this problem will only go away when you have a direct conversation with your father. If he becomes too confrontational or refuses to chill out, block him and give him space.

This column is the opinion of one person and is not a substitution for professional help. Free counseling services are available to all Marshall students on the first floor of Prichard Hall.

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