Franklin Norton, Social Media Manager

Let me set the scene: It was Friday October 13, a day with no cloud in the sky, a beautiful fall day by every measure. Friday the 13th is, for many, a day of superstition and 13 dollar tattoos, but something was different about this one. I rushed around town in my Toyota corolla, skewering stores for caramels, chocolates and decorations, because that night was a night to celebrate. Money was no object on this one day: Treat Yo Self Day 2017.

Treat Yo Self is a holiday featured on the hit NBC television show, Parks and Recreation. The two characters, Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle, take one day a year to treat themselves. This day is set to be on October 13, and so this year, several of my friends decided to get in on the action. We planned a Candy Apple Palooza, a chance to make candy apples in the backyard of my parent’s house, that would celebrate all the Treat Yo Self Day is about, and it was a blast. We ate too many sweets, square-danced and sang along to our favorite music. It was so simple and child-like, a much-needed break from the challenges we all face.

I think the event was such a success, not necessarily because of our rigorous planning, but because there is something to be said about the joy and lightheartedness that was experienced that night. I know I risk sounding cliché here, but how often do we allow ourselves to let go and be child-like? How often do we throw away our inhibitions, our financial burdens, our emotional burdens and just be light? While this day was really just in the name of whimsy and fun, I think we all walked away with something deeper than just a surface level good time. So my challenge is this: don’t wait to “treat yo self” just one day a year, but do the things you love often. Be light today.

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