PINK Bus returns after successful last year


Danite Belay

The Victoria’s Secret PINK Bus welcomes students aboard Wednesday on Marshall University’s Buskirk Field.

Danite, Belay

Victoria’s Secret’s PINK Bus made its way back to Marshall, after receiving the highest number of sales of any campus in the PINK campus rep program last year.

The PINK Bus gives students the opportunity to shop the Marshall PINK Collegiate Collection on campus. Alexandra Pfost, PINK campus representative for Marshall, said that the PINK Bus is essentially a store on wheels.

“It’s a shopping bus. Students can come and shop anything they would in the store, but we actually have it discounted here,” Pfost said. “They can get like $25 bras, and 25 percent off the PINK Collegiate Collection, which would be a lot more expensive in store.”

Katie Coleman, a freshman shopping the PINK Bus, said that having this opportunity on campus is a good time to bring friends together especially during the stress of midterms.

“It really brings people out,” Coleman said. “It’s really convenient to have this right on campus and it’s a lot fun.”

With over 100 schools in the PINK collegiate program, Pfost said not every school gets the chance of having the PINK bus on their school’s campus but with the sales they had at Marshall last year, they knew it had to be a top priority this year.

“Last year was our first year with the entire program and they came here and we sold the most apparel out of every school that they visited which is cool,” Pfost said. “They definitely wanted to make sure that they came back to see us.”

The PINK Bus goes to different campuses once a year and because of the crowd of students the shopping bus brings, Pfost said, PINK’s campus presence grows even more.

“I think this helps get students more involved. If they weren’t aware of the PINK campus rep program, or that PINK has a presence on campus, they definitely are now,” Pfost said. “I know personally I wasn’t aware that we had campus reps until I saw the major PINK Bus was here last year and it lead me to do a little more research, so I definitely think it’s something special for our students to see.”

“I’m hoping that PINK events like this will bring something different to campus every year,” Pfost said. “I think that Marshall University, in particular, is very present with the PINK program and they are really involved and enjoy it so I just hope that grows over the years.”

Pfost said there will be more PINK programs for students to be involved in on campus in the near future.

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