Multimedia Art Exhibit “Shines” at HMOA

Landon Mitchell, Reporter

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Sound and vision collide as a recent art exhibit sheds its light at the Huntington Museum of Art.

The Huntington Museum of Art is currently the home to a project known as “For the Joy of Light,” a series of paintings from artist Robert Singleton with synchronized light movements set to original music by Dan Morro.

Oil paintings of clouds are depicted on one wall of the exhibit while colorful shapes and designs live on the opposite wall.

Robert Lee Messer of Huntington attended the exhibit and said he appreciated Singleton’s representation and shading of the clouds.

“I think that that level of shading going from one color to another color within a certain amount of space was very well done, very articulate, very beautiful,” Messer said.

Museum and Schools Coordinator for the museum Cindy Dearborn, who was moved to tears in her first viewing, said that more than 150 people attended the opening of this project.

“It was so moving,” said Dearborn. “Just the combination of the light, the music and the art all coming together; it was powerful and moving.”

Dearborn said that it was the museum’s first exhibit that combined art and music.

“For the Joy of Light” opened July 29 and will close Feb. 4, 2018.

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