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Students’ plans for Spring Break


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Marshall University students are busy preparing for a week that is sure to be filled with adventure and excitement as students take a week off from studying and working in classes to have some fun over this year’s Spring Break.

Marshall’s diverse campus is accompanied this year by many plans students have for how they will be spending their Spring Break.  Some Marshall students are venturing somewhere new on vacation while others are going back home to spend time with their families.  Marshall student Emily Anderson is planning on spending time with her family during this break.

“Well, I’m really not doing too much of anything,” Anderson said.  “I’m just heading home.  I live in Ironton, I’m just gonna spend time with my family because I miss them.”

Marshall students Megan McCloud and Sam Cain are both planning on spending time with their friends over the course of this year’s Spring Break.

“Well I’m actually going camping in Tennessee with a few of my friends and I chose this because we don’t get to spend a lot of time together with all the work we have to do, and it’s like a fun way to get outdoors,” Cain said.

“My plans for spring break include a hike with my friends in a park in my hometown that we’ve all planned because we hardly get any time together,” McCloud said.  “All of our schedules always conflict and so we always love to go hiking together, so I just plan to do that and study.  I’m gonna be doing a lot of studying during Spring Break too.”

McCloud said he believes Spring Break is important for students.

“I think it’s important because everybody needs to relax, not just the students, but also the professors, too,” McCloud said.  “I think, you know, everyone is a little bit more energized when they come back from spring break.  It just, it gives everybody kind of a chance to gather themselves and get some more composure to come back and learn more.”

Cain said college is something that can be very stressful for people and it’s good for people to have a break sometimes.

“College is actually really stressful once you get into it and I think spring break is important just to de-stress and realize that you can have a good time in life and not be doing work 24/7,” Cain said.

Marshall University’s spring break takes place over the course of March 18 to March 26.

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