Marshall University welcomes recruits for Green and White Day

Marshall University is preparing for its upcoming Green and White Day Saturday in an attempt to recruit future students.

Special Projects Coordinator for the Office of Recruitment, Meghan Copley, said she feels that Green and White Day is an extremely important day for the future recruitment of Marshall.

“Green and White Day is pretty much for all of our students who are interested in Marshall.  Particularly in the spring one, we get more junior students, juniors in high school, rather than seniors, because some of our seniors are mostly admitted,” Copley said.

Throughout the course of Green and White Day, students will have the opportunity to learn about Marshall University, tour campus and learn about whichever college at Marshall they decide to join.

“You have to know where the best fit college is for you,” Matt James, assistant dean of Student Affairs, said, “and I think Marshall provides ample opportunities for freshmen who are interested in possibly coming here to see what it’s really like here.”

Copley said that she thinks Green and White Days are very significant days for Marshall recruitment and are much more than just campus tours.

“Open houses like this Green and White Day give you that in depth look, so they might get to meet the faculty, they get to experience the Marshall family right from the beginning,” Copley said.

Marshall University Green and White Days occur multiple times throughout the school year.

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