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The Honor’s Program of Huntington High school has been making positive changes in the Huntington area since 1996. Senior Chip Sweeney of Huntington High is contributing to that change Saturday with a Celebrity Bingo with pro-football player Troy Brown.

Since spring of 2016, Sweeney has been planning a Celebrity Bingo to raise money to build a youth sports facility in the Fairfield West neighborhood of Huntington. Since November of 2016 Sweeney, with the help from corporate sponsorships, has raised over $32,000.

“Honestly, looking at this a year ago, I never have guessed we would be close to this,” Sweeney said on surpassing his initial goal of $25,000. His new goal is $40,000.

The Huntington Innovation Project and America’s Best Communities have a role in this project. If Huntington succeeds in winning in A.B.C, then this money will go into a fund for the upkeep. Even if they do not win, Sweeney said this will be a great start for the Fairfield West community.

“I really think this has been a growing experience,” Sweeney said. “I’m really proud myself, I’m proud of everyone who has been a part of this. I really think this is going to be a great event.”

Amy McElroy, teacher at Huntington High and advisor of the Honor’s extracurricular program, said the program is made for like-minded students to better their community. This year, 17 other students are participating in the program.

In addition to Troy Brown, Mayor Steve Williams will be the celebrity bingo caller.

Chip’s Celebrity Bingo with Troy Brown is to be held Saturday at 7 p.m. in the Don Morris Room at Marshall University. Tickets sell at $50 per ticket. This event is open to the public, under the requirement one is of the age 18 or older.

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