German Club kicks off new semester


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Marshall University’s German Club immerses students in German culture through meetings, events and trips.

German Club President Eve Barnhart said she hopes anyone who is interested in German culture will attend, even if they do not take any German courses.

“I hope to get more people interested in the German language,” said Barnhart. “But also to make some friends and connect people.”

Barnhart said the first event the club intends to go to is the Modern Languages Fall Reception on Sept. 15. The reception is open to all students and faculty in the Modern Languages department.

“We have always talked about doing more things as a club,” said Secretary Shayla Stephens. “But we have never had a president this motivated before, so I’m really hoping we’re going to get things done this year.”

The most prominent event will be the annual end of the year trip to a German village near Cincinnati. The club decided to discuss fund raising methods for the trip in the next meeting.

Future meetings will also include making time for a study group for students taking German courses.

“We have a lot of upperclassmen that have gone through the classes already,” said Barnhart. “So we all know how that is and we want to help keep them interested anyway we can.”

Freshman political science major William Crouse is a new member of the club and said he wanted to get a head start.

“I want to immerse myself in the culture and meet some new people,” said Crouse. Especially since I plan on taking German in the future.”

The club has meetings every Wednesday at 6 p.m. in Smith Hall 108.

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