Wellness Center Hosts Series of “Safer Spring Break” Activities

March 2, 2022

“Safer Spring Break” from the Marshall University Wellness Center will feature various activities geared towards ensuring students’ wellbeing and improving their health on Mar. 9 at the Memorial Student Center Plaza.  

 “The event has a focus on harm reduction and wellness,” Kaye Godbey, coordinator for wellness programs, said. “The event is meant to be a fun celebration and be a vehicle for clubs and departments to showcase their own fun take on the theme while promoting their message, recruit or just participate as part of the community. We welcome groups from off campus as well.” 

Several student organizations and departments will host activities that focus on a different aspect of safety or health.  

“So far, in addition to the Wellness Center who is hosting with fruit and walking tacos, housing is having a bed bug check activity,” Godbey said. “Nutrition will have healthy snack bags. One Body will host volleyball and a stress ball making table. Counseling will have a ‘healthy choices’ community art piece that students can contribute.” 

“Collegiate recovery will have naloxone demonstrations,” Godbey said in addition. “Campus police will have a self-defense tutorial. MU Paws Puppies will be there so we can all get a happy pet in. Campus radio will DJ the event.” 

Godbey also gave different examples as to how students can stay safe and healthy during Spring Break. 

According to her, “spring break can be a challenging time for some. With some preparation, one can come out healthier and more relaxed than they started. Many travel and need to be aware of their surroundings. If driving, they want to be well rested and the car well maintained.”  

“If students stay in town, it’s a great time to start a healthy habit,” Godbey added. “It’s always easier to add a habit than it is to try to stop one. Pick something small and doable that moves you in the direction of a greater goal. Attach the new habit to an old one. Celebrate yourself every time you do it. Before you know it, it’ll be part of your daily routine. 

Godbey also said, “If drinking alcohol is part of spring break, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you can keep your blood alcohol content (BAC) under .05, you can have a buzz without the negative risks and side effects. Be sure to bring along people you trust and take care of one another. Always have a safe, sober way home.” 

“If sex is on the menu for the break,” Godbey continued, “remember that just because you are on vacation, there’s no time for dropping your guard. STIs like AIDS and HPV are on the rise. Consistent use of barrier methods…continue to be effective deterrents to pregnancy and STIs.”  

Another way for students to be safe is to properly manage their finances while on spring break. 

“Another issue at spring break can be overspending,” Godbey said. “Checking balances, setting and keeping to spending limits, being intentional about what is spent are good strategies to not go overboard.”  


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