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Recent Snowstorm Impacts Commuters and Provides Challenges for Students Walking to Class

January 25, 2022

Last week, winter storm Izzy dumped ice and snow across the Tri-State, presenting students at Marshall with an unexpected challenge—getting to class.  

Students at Marshall face a lot of challenges during inclement weather—most specifically commuting to and from campus. Marshall University and SMSOMI student Leah David said commuting during snowstorms opens the floodgates for other issues to rise.  

“In my situation, my professors do not offer virtual options in the presence of weather. It is up to me to decide to take the risk and commute to class, or stay home and miss lecture content. It’s not something I enjoy doing,” David said.  

David said the University should encourage all employees—even third-party programs—to offer virtual options if commuter students cannot make it nor feel safe.  

Additionally, winter storm Izzy not only affected commuters, but also had an impact on students walking to and from campus.  

Walking to class can be even more difficult, especially with sheets of ice under your feet. Marshall student Richard Smith said that, even for someone who does not live on campus, he can attest to experiencing some difficulty walking to class when there is inclement weather.  

“I caught myself slipping on a few occasions. The snow that was left was cleared, but the amount of ice left on the sidewalks was just enough to injure a student or staff member,” said Smith.  

Smith said his number one complaint would be the lack of attention paid to ensuring that walkways are cleared and safe enough to go through campus.  

“This would be for all people, and specifically for those who may have an injury or a disability requiring any device to help them walk or travel between their classes outside.”  

Izzy significantly impacted the country’s eastern region, bringing severe weather for everyone. The Tri-State area received over 8 inches of snow due to the aftermath of Izzy.  

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