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Out of State Students Share Their First Experiences With Snow

January 25, 2022

Those Marshall students and staff members originally from warmer climates often remember vividly their first experience with snow and cooler temperatures. 

“It was a little terrifying at first,” said Corey Cunningham from Evergreen, Alabama. “Learning how to dress was one of my more challenging tasks.” 

Most of the tri-state area faces snowfall and bad weather conditions in the middle of January. Huntington has had three snowstorms in the past three weeks, and it may be many students’ first experience with cold weather and snow.  

“It was so white it literally hurt my eyes,” said Gretel Toloza-Alvarez from Cuba. “It was super cold. It almost felt like I was in a refrigerator.”  

Learning how to maneuver around the snow and ice is a task that every northerner must face. Meanwhile, walking on ice or snow is already difficult, but driving and taking caution behind the wheel can prove even more challenging. 

“It was very difficult to get around. It is hard to walk in. It also makes your shoes all cold,” said Cunningham. “In the spring of 2019, I didn’t leave the house for two or three days because I was so terrified of getting in my car going anywhere. It was one of the first times I looked into what exactly was black ice.”  

“It was hard to walk on I didn’t know it was going to be that difficult” said Toloza- Alvarez. “Cleaning the car and driving is no fun in the snow.” 

The snow and colder temperatures can be a culture shock for students or faculty that grew up in warmer temperatures. Regardless of where one comes from, though, learning the duties that come with living in northern areas is something that all must accept during this time of year. 

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