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Effect of COVID-19 on Marshall Artists Series

January 25, 2022

Like theaters and production companies around the world, the Marshall Artists Series was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic but was able to adapt to the new conditions. 

“We definitely were impacted by it,” Angela Jones, Director of Marketing for the Marshall Artists Series, said, “We had to cancel several shows that were booked- one, the band “America”- like the day of. So that was an adjustment. And then we’ve also had to sort of adapt our programming because different- a lot of artists and definitely Broadway shows weren’t going out on tour with COVID, and we’re still facing that to this day.” 

The Artists Series is currently experimenting with different programming and equipment and continues to adapt to the COVID rules being followed by certain Broadway productions. 

  “Well, we are experimenting with different types of programming,” Jones said, “We got a new projector at the Keith Albee and cinema surround sound… Because there’s ample space to socially distance and things inside the Keith Albee. And, you know, we’re also working with the Broadway tours. The Broadway tours, for instance, we have “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” and “Donna Summer,” coming up. They have, you know, COVID rules and regulations in place and we are trying to work with them to follow those so we can still present these shows as they’re going on tour.” 

Despite the chaos and uncertainty that was brought about, and remains, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jones is quite optimistic and excited about all of the upcoming productions and events that the Marshall Artists Series has planned. 

“One thing that’s very interesting about the Artists Series is we’re 85 years old this season, and we’re still out there doing great things,” Jones said, “And it’s just really neat when you look at the, especially the films that we have coming up with the Russel Bruce Film Festival and the Lifestyle Film Festival. If you go back to the very very first event at the Marshall Artists Series, we did a film, so it’s kind of full circle. We are very excited about the projector and the sound system at the Keith Albee and especially with the Russel Bruce Film Festival coming up in February, we’re excited to see these classic films- sort of iconic films on the big screen with the new projector and the new sound system.” 


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