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Taylor Speight
Taylor Speight is a senior majoring in adverting and public relations. She is currently the director of promotions for WMUL, Marshall University's official radio station. She is also a journalist and director of promotions for Today News Africa, a news media company that focuses on news in Africa and its relationship with the United States. Being the proud Washingtonian she is, she decided to accept a new position as the communications director for the Ward 2 drug coalition, where she helps spread awareness about teen drug use and helps prevent drug usage in the Ward 2 area of Washington, D.C. One of her favorite jobs she has is working for her mother as her publicist for her daycare. Taylor plans events that support various things, like fundraising for infant and toddler cancer research and back to school drives to help underprivileged families. She hopes to one day own her own public relations firm and to continue to help others through various service projects.

Taylor Speight, Reporter

Sep 17, 2019
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