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Dec 08, 2016
Editorial: That’s a wrap (Story)
Dec 05, 2016
Editorial: The power of protest displayed first hand in Standing Rock (Story)
Dec 05, 2016
Editorial: Do not turn a blind eye to violence (Story)
Dec 01, 2016
Editorial: Facebook is a media company, whether it wants to be or not (Story)
Dec 01, 2016
Editorial: Don’t belittle third party voters (Story)
Nov 28, 2016
Editorial: The Trump presidency so far (Story)
Oct 10, 2016
Editorial: Trump sees consequences of ‘Trump Tapes’ (Story)
Oct 06, 2016
Editorial: Pence makes poor decisions on public health (Story)
Sep 26, 2016
Editorial: Some final thoughts on Tomi Lahren (Story)
Sep 23, 2016
Editorial: Justice served in Terrence Crutcher murder (Story)
Sep 19, 2016
Editorial: Trump plays blame game in response to bombings (Story)
Sep 05, 2016
EDITORIAL: University of Kentucky sues their own student newspaper (Story)
Sep 01, 2016
EDITORIAL: ATO plays homeless (Story)
Aug 29, 2016
Stanford Rape Case: Brock Turner (Story)
Apr 27, 2016
Editorial: Independent voters not invited to primary party (Story)
Apr 27, 2016
Editorial: Sanders starts political revolution in Huntington (Story)
Apr 25, 2016
West Virginia has room to improve in higher education (Story)
Apr 20, 2016
Harriet Tubman to rightfully replace Jackson on $20 (Story)
Apr 19, 2016
Cannabis industry could move West Virginia ahead of the country (Story)
Apr 18, 2016
Editorial: Trust in the media continues to diminish (Story)
Apr 13, 2016
Slut Walks are just the beginning to societal change (Story)
Apr 12, 2016
Editorial: Big networks could be the downfall of journalism (Story)
Apr 11, 2016
Smoking continues on campus despite Tobacco Ban (Story)
Apr 06, 2016
Blankenship receives sentence that doesn’t add up to his crimes (Story)
Apr 05, 2016
Campus chalkings blur the line of free speech and hate speech (Story)
Apr 04, 2016
Panama Papers reveal tax havens for elites (Story)
Mar 30, 2016
Editorial: Jim Justice can no longer view West Virginia as a permanent vacation spot (Story)
Mar 29, 2016
Editorial: Cruz takes stance for those not involved in the political race (Story)
Mar 28, 2016
Gender-neutral bathroom law flushes human rights (Story)
Mar 16, 2016
Idaho sheriff proves law enforcement still does not understand rape culture (Story)
Mar 16, 2016
Meal plan changes raise questions (Story)
Mar 14, 2016
Editorial: The problem with fake news (Story)
Mar 09, 2016
Kim Kardashian uses social media as a platform for body positivity (Story)
Mar 09, 2016
Marshall students deserve a strong SGA (Story)
Mar 07, 2016
Free college tuition would decrease the worth of a degree (Story)
Mar 02, 2016
Stereotypes give West Virginians the willies (Story)
Mar 01, 2016
Country clubs over campus clubs (Story)
Feb 29, 2016
The Oscars become a platform to promote change (Story)
Feb 24, 2016
Apple fights for privacy (Story)
Feb 23, 2016
Carrying concealed weapons could potentially add more violence to an endless cycle (Story)
Feb 22, 2016
Kesha’s lawsuit has celebrities voicing opinions about women empowerment (Story)
Feb 18, 2016
Police-related sexual assualt continues to go unreported (Story)
Feb 16, 2016
Taylor Swift uses acceptance speech as an opportunity to motivate young women (Story)
Feb 15, 2016
Local businesses show opposition to HB 4012 (Story)
Feb 10, 2016
Beyonce faces backlash for eye-opening Super Bowl performance (Story)
Feb 08, 2016
The Huffington Post takes on Donald Trump (Story)
Feb 08, 2016
Sex in the City: Super Bowl is known for more than just football (Story)
Feb 03, 2016
The power of the youth vote could give Sanders the lead he needs (Story)
Feb 02, 2016
Cultural appropriation or appreciation? (Story)
Feb 01, 2016
Dangerous divide could be warning to Democrats (Story)
Jan 27, 2016
Citizens still suffer from Michigan’s blind eye to Flint (Story)
Jan 26, 2016
WV Religious Freedom Restoration Act could allow for unsavory behavior (Story)
Jan 25, 2016
Kansas Senate issues a dress code targeting females members (Story)
Jan 20, 2016
For-profit institutions continue to be business first (Story)
Jan 19, 2016
Charleston Tent City dismantled (Story)
Jan 18, 2016
The overwhelming whiteness of the Oscars…again (Story)
Dec 03, 2015
Dec 01, 2015
Using that ominous phrase “the media” and what that really means (Story)
Nov 30, 2015
Domestic terrorism an underlabelled action (Story)
Nov 18, 2015
Refugees will do more good than harm in W.Va. (Story)
Nov 17, 2015
Nations without first-world privilege deserve same display of solidarity as France (Story)
Nov 11, 2015
Public trust in media a more pertinent issue than press’s First Amendment rights (Story)
Nov 11, 2015
“War” on Christmas is melodramatic, downplaying real tragedy (Story)
Nov 09, 2015
Mizzou situation shows power of student protest (Story)
Nov 05, 2015
Issue 3: not good for weed (Story)
Nov 03, 2015
Journalism is the cornerstone to spreading transgender equality (Story)
Nov 03, 2015
Media Literacy: do we need it? YES. (Story)
Oct 29, 2015
Oct 27, 2015
Meat may cause cancer, but there are other reasons to cut back (Story)
Oct 26, 2015
Protect and serve, don’t body slam children (Story)
Oct 21, 2015
Opioid abuse hits closer to home than many may think (Story)
Oct 21, 2015
Don’t make Obama’s visit about coal, focus on the bigger problem (Story)
Oct 20, 2015
People of color in film are not bad for society (Story)
Oct 15, 2015
Students, faculty should be engaged in university presidential search (Story)
Oct 13, 2015
It’s not a hoverboard, it’s not a skateboard (Story)
Oct 13, 2015
#DemDebate turned Sanders v. Clinton (Story)
Oct 12, 2015
We were completely misinformed about Columbus as children (Story)
Sep 22, 2015
Choice: Eradicating the stigma behind abortion through hashtags and social media solidarity (Story)
Sep 21, 2015
Sep 17, 2015
The Book Nook (Story)
Sep 16, 2015
Right to bear arms comes with problems that need attention (Story)
Sep 16, 2015
Right to bear arms comes with problems that need attention (Story)
Sep 14, 2015
You’re Probably More Punk Rock Than You Think You Are (Story)
Sep 08, 2015
How are we supposed to live? (Story)
Sep 07, 2015
Bring back the “M” in MTV (Story)
Sep 02, 2015
Kim Davis: an issue of church and state (Story)
Sep 02, 2015
Parenting memes give frightening perspective on children and dating (Story)
Sep 02, 2015
Check yourself before you wreck yourself (Story)
Aug 05, 2015
Fighting Clean Power Act does not help W.Va. (Story)
Jul 08, 2015
World Cup puts inequality on full display (Story)
Jul 01, 2015
Embrace the difference (Story)
Jun 24, 2015
Happiness can’t be found through a phone screen (Story)
Jun 17, 2015
Decriminalization next step in recovery for Huntington, state (Story)
Jun 11, 2015
Don’t let these moments pass you by (Story)
Apr 22, 2015
Operation Jade Helm raises concerns of government intrusion on civil liberties (Story)
Apr 21, 2015
Skepticism about film’s ‘year of women’ (Story)
Apr 20, 2015
‘Better’ is not good enough because #BlackLivesMatter (Story)
Apr 19, 2015
Poverty challenge fails to give taste of poverty (Story)
Apr 15, 2015
The Golden Age of Hollywood is over, but movies today are still pretty good (Story)
Apr 14, 2015
Not a feminist? Fine. Don’t put them down. (Story)
Apr 13, 2015
Women won’t vote for Clinton just because she’s a woman (Story)
Apr 12, 2015
Save it for the campaign (Story)
Apr 08, 2015
In the shadow of giants (Story)
Apr 07, 2015
Journalism Fail (Story)
Apr 06, 2015
W.Va. no longer ‘Open for Business’ (Story)
Apr 05, 2015
#FreeTheNipple until we don’t have to think about it anymore (Story)
Apr 01, 2015
When democracy doesn’t do its job (Story)
Mar 31, 2015
Trans visibility is about more than just one day (Story)
Mar 30, 2015
‘Why on Earth was he allowed to fly?’ (Story)
Mar 30, 2015
Society: Won’t accept the hairy reality, won’t stand for airbrushing (Story)
Mar 25, 2015
Never to return again (Story)
Mar 24, 2015
Ladies and everyone else, tell ‘em (Story)
Mar 12, 2015
The power of words (Story)
Mar 11, 2015
#BlackOutDay beautifies social media (Story)
Mar 09, 2015
Canadian lawmakers propose in vitro legislation that may overstep bounds into women’s sex lives (Story)
Mar 08, 2015
Benefits of shopping local keep growing (Story)
Mar 04, 2015
Racism still strong since 9/11, proving detriment to U.S. (Story)
Mar 03, 2015
Cis or miss (Story)
Mar 02, 2015
Do it for the deer (Story)
Mar 01, 2015
Is theater etiquette dead? (Story)
Feb 24, 2015
I woke up like this, and this is beautiful (Story)
Feb 23, 2015
Options for pregnant women diminishing in W. Va. (Story)
Feb 23, 2015
W. Va. 20-week abortion ban not in best interest of victims (Story)
Feb 18, 2015
In a world of advanced technology, some are seeking nostalgia instead (Story)
Feb 18, 2015
Samsung policy reveals privacy issue for owners (Story)
Feb 16, 2015
#Snowpocalypse causes wide-spread necessity panic (Story)
Feb 16, 2015
Working mothers struggle to live up to societal double standards (Story)
Feb 12, 2015
Brian Williams’ suspension reminds journalists to speak more carefully (Story)
Feb 10, 2015
Live tweeting is beautifully obnoxious (Story)
Feb 10, 2015
Obama confronts sexual violence at Grammys, and we couldn’t be happier that he did so (Story)
Feb 09, 2015
Online anonymity breeds unkind dialogue (Story)
Feb 04, 2015
Feb 03, 2015
#WhiteOscars criticism fails to recognize selection process (Story)
Feb 02, 2015
The new trend in body shaming: skinny-fat (Story)
Feb 02, 2015
Making excuses doesn’t help anyone (Story)
Jan 28, 2015
Keystone proposal gains opposition from environmentalists, democrats (Story)
Jan 28, 2015
Don’t judge the introverts of the world; it’s more complicated than you think (Story)
Jan 27, 2015
Winter weather does not negate global warming theory (Story)
Jan 26, 2015
E-reading: convenient detriment to students (Story)
Jan 22, 2015
Jan 21, 2015
Why are you so mad about ‘American Sniper’? (Story)
Dec 03, 2014
Financial stress plagues college students (Story)
Dec 02, 2014
UVA suspends fraternities until January while investigating rape allegations (Story)
Dec 02, 2014
What’s normal? (Story)
Nov 19, 2014
Take a tech-break, enjoy time off, come back with a fresh perspective (Story)
Nov 19, 2014
Body too bootylicious for you (Story)
Nov 17, 2014
Feminism is a movement, not a buzzword (Story)
Nov 16, 2014
Don’t put religion over unity (Story)
Nov 13, 2014
We stand together (Story)
Nov 11, 2014
Don’t waste our time, we won’t waste yours (Story)
Nov 10, 2014
Say no to drug ads (Story)
Nov 09, 2014
Honor them with remembrance Friday, celebration Saturday (Story)
Nov 05, 2014
Want to get elected to U.S. office? Claim your opponent is Obama. (Story)
Nov 04, 2014
Required voting probably not the best option (Story)
Nov 03, 2014
It’s Taylor Swift’s world, but she’s selling music (Story)
Nov 02, 2014
Fighting the wrong battle (Story)
Oct 29, 2014
Body hair should not be a man’s world anymore (Story)
Oct 28, 2014
Why are we ashamed to get down to this. sick. beat? (Story)
Oct 26, 2014
Calling all Herd fans: It’s time to pack the Joan (Story)
Oct 01, 2014
Want a sexually conscious country? Don’t stop sex ed after high school (Story)