Meet an INTO student: Anabel Fernandez Ortiz

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Meet an INTO student: Anabel Fernandez Ortiz

Jared Casto, Reporter

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Anabel Fernandez Ortiz is an INTO student from Spain who came to America in August. She studied business and tourism in Spain before moving to West Virginia. She now attends Marshall University due to recommendations from her boyfriend and friend. She is currently a Marshall freshman majoring in English. After graduating, Ortiz plans on getting her Master’s Degree, though she’s not sure if she’ll get it from Marshall or somewhere else. In Spain, Ortiz was a fan of American movies, so having even easier access to them in America has been one of her favorite parts of living here. In her free time, Ortiz likes playing tennis for fun, watching soccer, listening to music and traveling with friends.


Q: How long have you lived in America?

A: Just two months. I arrived here in August.

Q: How do you think you have adapted to America?

A: It’s so difficult to adapt here because there are so many differences between here and my country. People are very friendly and help you when you need something. So, I think I’ve adapted well here.

Q: How does Marshall University compare to the university you attended in Spain?

A: I think here the university is really good. In Spain it’s only “go to class.” You don’t have a cafeteria. Here it’s like a family. People go together, there are a lot of activities, there are a lot of sports. In Spain, it’s nothing. It’s only go to a class and go back.

Q: Why did you choose to come to Marshall University?

A: Well, my boyfriend came to West Virginia Tech with a scholarship, so I wanted to come [to West Virginia] to study. And my friend, like two years ago, went [to Marshall] to study. And she told me “It’s really nice. You have to go there!” So I came here.

Q: What are your plans after you graduate?

A: I want to study for my Master’s Degree. But I don’t know if here or somewhere else. I want to stay [in America], but I don’t know if at Marshall because I want to know more places.

Q: How do you keep in touch with your family in Spain?

A: I talk with them over the phone, texting or over Skype. In Spain, it’s six hours more. When it’s 5 p.m. here, in Spain it’s 11 p.m., so it’s difficult.

Q: What has been your favorite experience in America so far?

A: In Spain, we watched a lot of American movies. So when I arrived here, all I see are American movies.

Q: What are some of your hobbies?

A: I like sports, but I’m not in any sports or clubs. I like to play tennis, but I like to watch soccer. I don’t like to play soccer. I have normal hobbies like listening to music, traveling with friends—just normal hobbies.

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