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Walk with the Mayor strengthens community ties

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One Response to “Walk with the Mayor strengthens community ties”

  1. Rev. Diane Santelli on March 17th, 2016 2:58 pm

    I appreciate that the Mayor WIlliams took the time to walk through our neighborhood to view first hand the deplorable conditions of some houses and our alleys. We have many good neighbors who keep their property well maintained but we also have a problem with blight and allies filled with trash. The mayor promised us that he would see into the neighborhood being cleaned up, alleys cleaned, ensuring lawns are kept cut and keeping a watch on landlords whose apartments are in need of repair. However the neighborhood has not been cleaned up. A few weeks ago we contacted a government offical once again about the trash in the alley. We even sent pictures. To give the gentleman credit he did come immediately to view the problem and promised to have it cleaned up. Well it has been 3 weeks now and the alley has been cleaned to the best abliity of some of our neighbors and my spouse but the city has still not removed the mattresses, couches etc that are in the ally. They are a health hazard! I am asking that the mayor keep his promise to clean up our neighborhood and to fine those who use the alley as a landfill. In addition once the trashmen come the alley is even worse as they strew trash all over the alley when emptying the trash cans.

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