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Jenkins named unofficial winner in congressional seat race

Emily Rice, Reporter

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After a long campaign, the associated press announced Republican Evan Jenkins as the unofficial winner in his race against Democrat Nick Rahall for the 3rd congressional seat Tuesday night.

Supporters of Jenkins at his party at the Pullman Plaza Hotel said they were ecstatic and hopeful at the news.

“Evan has been a long time friend of our family and he has always been a wonderful leader in our community, and I think he will represent this state very well,” Deborah Conaty Caraway, of Ashland, Kentucky, said. “He is very well-educated, he has wonderful ideas, and I think he is a very forward thinker.”

In his victory speech, Jenkins thanked his family for their support, and he also expressed his gratitude to Nick Rahall for his service to West Virginia.

“Public service is a tough duty,” Jenkins said, “and I am excited about having the opportunity to now, with the voters support, which I am so appreciative of, to start fighting for our West Virginia ways and values.”

Jenkins also thanked the people who participated and assisted in his campaign.

“I am blessed with so many supporters, people who have worked really hard for a long time,” Jenkins said. “So, this is all about a team effort and a candidate who really believes in a new direction for our country and our state.”

Before the unofficial results were announced, Jenkins commented on the time between the end of his campaign and hearing the results.

“We have worked tooth and nail for so long,” Jenkins said. “So it is kind of a unique moment to know that the polls are now closed, and votes are going to get counted up, and we are just very hopeful that all of that hard work will pay off.”

Jenkins ended his acceptance speech by promising to serve West Virginia to the best of his ability.

“I am ready to get to work for West Virginia,” Jenkins said. “These voters and the people of the 3rd Congressional District have given me an opportunity and a chance, and I will fight tooth and nail to honor, with respect and dignity, the confidence that they have provided in me to give this opportunity to serve them.”

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