XOXO, Michael Brown

The DOS and DO NOTS of Valentine’s Day

With February just beginning that means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. As everyone scrambles to make plans and find the perfect gift for their special someone, there are some important tips to consider:

DO NOT— I repeat do not— feel obligated or pressured to do something over-the-top for someone you love to the point that you are literally stressed. Some people may really get into the holiday, but it’s not the end of the world if you’re not sitting on white sandy beaches with clear waters feeding each other grapes.

DO take advantage of the fact that it’s socially accepted to gorge on chocolate and other treats. Pick up a couple bags of your favorites and “treat yo self.” This is the perfect time to completely spoil yourself and no one is going to look at you with the side eye. Plus there are always advantages to the post-Valentine’s candy sales.

DON’T forget about Valentine’s Day. It is same date every year. If you have a calendar there is no reason you are forgetting. Every smart phone has a calendar. You’re now down to 11 days to get your life together and decide how you’re going to make your partner’s day special. If you’re single, figure out a way to make yourself happy.

DO pay attention from Christmas on to everything that your partner says that they want. Always pay attention to small details and tune in especially they’re going on and on about something that they would just love to have. What is going to tickle your partner pink? If something came to mind as you read this, then that’s the thing you have to go out and get now. Don’t think because that you’re obligated to go buy something like lingerie for someone. My grandma also said,  “Never buy a man shoes. He will walk right out of your life wearing those shoes, honey.” Trust me, I’ve had it happen.

DON’T compare your plans to everyone around you. Everyone is different, and everyone enjoys different things. Judith that you sit next to in class may also be on a different budget than you are and you don’t have to spend a ton of money to make someone’s day special on Valentine’s Day.

DON’T broadcast your love life on social media. Please people, if you’re not seeing anyone right now do not complain all day on your social media about how lonely you are. It’s annoying and you more than likely will find yourself unfollowed by many.

Finally, DO gather up your chick flicks and prepare to watch movies all evening with all that chocolate and candy. If you don’t want to be alone on Valentine’s Day, invite your other single friends over and enjoy yourselves. No one wants to be around a sobbing Sam.

The bottom line is there are some DOS and DO NOTS or Valentine’s Day. Don’t get hung up on celebrating on Feb. 14. It’s all right if you have your special someone do something on a different day to celebrate whatever it is that you two have going. Whatever it is you decide to do or not to do on Valentine’s Day, be safe and remember that this isn’t the only day that you’re expected to treat your partner to something special.

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