Spooky sounds heard at Tubaween, Octubafest

J'Leigha Long, Reporter

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Members of the tubonium studio provided students with music to get everyone in the Halloween spirit at this year’s OctubaFest II: Tubaween. OctubaFest is a two-day annual celebration by the music department’s tubonium studio members, which includes tuba and euphonium players.

Tubaween is an event filled with kid-friendly activities, Halloween costumes, music and candy.

Junior Katrina Elliott said the event was fun and enjoyable.

“I thought the performance was great,” Elliot said. “The costumes were great and the classical music and then the fun music at the end was really great.”

Tuba professor George Palton said Octubafest has grown since it be-gan in 2007.

“We try to have that family-like atmosphere,” Palton said. “Everyone that is part of tubonium works very hard to bring the performance to-gether and students really enjoy having ownership in something that a lot of people have fun at.”

This year it was not only students but, also faculty from Marshall Uni-versity’s music department, members of the community and local high school students who participated in Tubaween.

“I teach four high school students who joined the group for the second half of the show, so I came to see them perform,” Nick Basham, local high school teacher, said.

“Dr. Palton had sent a local email out to the local high schools inviting tubonium players, and we had four who were interested so we came to campus,” Basham said.

Marshall alumnus Dwayne Russell said preparing for the event was well worth it the outcome.

“Over the years it was hard preparing for Octubafest, but this year it was fun and full of lots of surprises,” Russell said. “The amount of people who showed up was better then we have had in past years.” J’Leigha Long can be contacted at [email protected]

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