V-Club brings a Hoedown and Freektacular to Hauntington


Angie Wilson

Freekbass is set to perform at the V-Club Saturday night for Freektacular.


The V-Club plays host to a Halloween weekend of events with musical styles from country, rock n’ roll, funk and even country funk.

“I’m not the biggest country fan, but I always did like the mid ’70s stuff because of that hint of funkiness to it,” said Brett Fuller, otherwise known as Charlie Brown Superstar, who will spin country funk tracks before, in between and after the Tyler Childers and Ona performances at Friday’s Halloween Hoedown.

Fuller’s sets during the concert will include songs that complement and go with the live bands on the bill.

“I usually just get a sense of what the band I’m playing with does, and I try to spin a set that will naturally flow into what they do,” Fuller said. “I’ve to my entire life listening and collecting music so I have a pretty big cache of songs to cull from. A lot of it has to do with just knowing the style of the band you’re playing with.”

Local band The Settlement will do some adapting of its own Saturday as it opens for Freekbass at the 10th annual Freektacular.

“We’re trying to gear our set around Freekbass,” guitarist Colten Settle said. “As far as our original songs, we picked our funkier songs and we’re doing a couple of Halloween-themed songs. A lot of our music can get out, more jam and experimental and that kind of thing, so we’ll be trying to hone that in and keep the groove moving, get the people ready for Freekbass.”

The Settlement has been recording at Groove U in Columbus, with plans to have an album released in January.

“Every year it gets bigger and bigger,” Freekbass said about the Freektacular. “We use to play the V-Club once or twice a year on whatever night and the owner had the idea of a Halloween show. It ended up being a really cool night, so the next year came and it became a little bit bigger. Each year it’s grown into this thing. The show gets better and the costumes get better. Some of the costumes are amazing. It’s a really special thing in Huntington, for sure.”

Freekbass and his band, the Bump Assembly, were recently signed to Rope-a-dope Records, and have a new album titled “Cincinnati” coming out in early December.

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