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Drug Offense

A gray Ford F-150 and a silver Ford Taurus were seen Oct. 7 on a parking lot at approximately 5 p.m. with a suspect standing next to them. The suspect got into the F-150, followed by the driver of the Taurus. Officers proceeded to head towards the truck and observed a suspect crushing a pill on the center console. Officers removed the suspect from the vehicle and proceeded to pat down and detain the suspect. A search of the vehicle found a brown substance in the center console. The suspect was issued a citation for possession of a controlled substance and then released.


At approximately 1 a.m. Oct. 9 an officer observed a vehicle traveling the wrong direction down Fifth Avenue. The officer made contact with the vehicle at the 1700 block of Fifth Avenue. The driver was given three field sobriety tests and failed all three. The suspect passed the PBT (Primary Breath Test), so Huntington Police Department sent their Drug Recognition Expert to perform further tests. The suspect, 32, was deemed under the influence and placed under arrest for DUI. The suspect was transported to Western Regional Jail for lodging.


At approximately 11:30 a.m. Oct. 9 a report was made about an altercation the night before involving threats of violence. A suspect made threats and acted hostile toward the victim. The suspect started questioning the victim, asking whom she was seeing. The suspect then proceeded to pull out a knife and make threatening gestures while reportedly saying, “let’s go pay him a visit”.  While the suspect was making threats, the victim texted her Resident Advisor and her boyfriend, letting them know of the incident. The RA arrived and asked the man to leave. When MUPD interviewed the suspect, the suspect admitted to making verbal threats. The suspect was then placed under arrest and arraigned at the Cabell County courthouse.

Petit Larceny

Two unknown suspects were observed at bike racks. One suspect kept looking over and watching the officers near the scene. Officers heard sound of metal clinking together as they approached the suspects, who then hopped up onto a wall and sat down. One subject was identified as a resident from Holderby, and the other was from Towers. They were both issued arrest citations for Petit Larceny.

Daytime Burglary

A student discovered his door in Towers East was kicked in Oct. 12 at 1:15 p.m. He entered the room and found two unknown people inside the room, with a third hiding inside the student’s closet. Nothing appeared to be missing from the room.

Destruction of Property

The victim parked his Toyota Prius Oct. 12 and returned to the vehicle Oct. 14 to find the back window broken. The hole was roughly the size of a Tee Ball. When the victim shut the door more glass broke. Nothing appeared to be stolen or out of the ordinary except for an unknown bolt left lying in the trunk.


Sunday, Oct. 18, an officer on patrol observed a suspect, 50, and another suspect, 18, sitting on the tailgate of a truck smoking. When the officer drove past, a strong smell of marijuana was detected. The officer stopped the two suspects and identified a strong smell of marijuana. The suspects admitted to smoking marijuana and handed over the wooden pipe they were using. Marijuana was found inside the pipe. Both suspects were given an arrest citation for possession of a controlled substance.

Samantha Godby can be contacted at [email protected]

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