‘Pretty Pink Princesses Prestigiously Profuse Profanity’…for feminism

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Normally, when a child swears, she is scolded. What if it’s for a good cause?

A video released by FCKH8 shows little girls dressed in full princess gear dropping f-bombs (and pretty much every other swear in the book) in an adorable and obscene feminist manifesto, addressing the pay gap, sexual assault and the high beauty standards society has for females.

Of course, the people of the Internet have voiced their opinions on the video. YouTube personality Julie Borowski has responded with a full-fledged parody, donning a princess outfit and pink background to match the original. Borowski opposed everything the video was about. She claimed that the stats about sexual assault and the pay gap were incorrect and they weren’t cited. Sorry Borowski, but your “debunking” wasn’t cited, either. It is ignorant to say the pay gap was debunked or that 20 percent is too high of a statistic for female sexual assault cases without anything to show for it.

Another YouTube creator decided to make a censored version of the video, stating “Just didn’t want these girls’ message to get obscured by their foul choice of language, so I made a family-friendly edit.”

This seems to be a popular response: general upset about the language with love for the message. Many, though, love the use of profanity, and think it’s a good attention-grabber. Others, like Borowski, think that FCKH8 is using the girls as political pawns to spread ridiculous femi-nazi ideals.

The reality is that the video is an advertisement. FCKH8 is foremost a T-shirt company, and even states so in its company bio by identifying as a “for-profit T-shirt company with an activist heart.” The company sells products with anti-sexism, anti-racism and LGBTQA+ themes.

Yes, it is a for-profit company, but using humans as billboards for a good cause is much better than donning a big brand name across your torso. FCKH8 is doing a good job at normalizing.

Even though the video is an advertisement for a T-shirt company, it still bears a strong message: begin teaching children about more “adult” rights and wrongs at an earlier age. They may not fully understand it at first, but getting youngsters acquainted with certain ideas early on makes it more likely the concept will stick.

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