Men’s hair parlor open in downtown Huntington

Huntington hair stylist Brian Shaffer’s dream has come to fruition with his new shop The Razor and Shear, a hair parlor that offers not just fresh cuts but also fraternity.

“I always had the idea for a place where guys could come and hang out, do guy talk and feel comfortable and relaxed,” Shaffer said.

Clients at the parlor can help themselves to a coffee or if 21, a beer. Clients can flip through a Hot Rod Magazine or Playboy or kick back and listen to anything from Dean Martin to Alice Cooper.

Shaffer, who has been cutting hair for 9 years, opened The Razor and Shear last month with the goal of creating an atmosphere that welcomed guys from all walks of life.

“I always wanted a place where businessmen could talk to punks and jocks could talk to nerds,” Shaffer said. “I’ve seen guys covered in tattoos talking to businessmen just like they were old friends. It’s crazy how it brings people together who would never talk to each other on the street, but here they have a common bond.”

Echoing the variety of clientele that the shop draws in, Shaffer and his one employee, Jacob, specialize in variety of different hairstyles.

“Whatever is trendy, whatever is happening now, we do. Anything from the side-parts and Pomps, to undercuts and Mohawks,” Shaffer said.

Currently, Shaffer is to up to his neck in appointments, taking on about 16 customers per day, four to five of which he said are new clients. Cory Harshbarger, who has been a loyal customer of Shaffer for more than a year, said he understands why business is booming.

“Brian does really cool, timeless cuts, that are not going to go out of style.””

— Cory Harshbarger

“Brian does really cool, timeless cuts, that are not going to go out of style. He hooks you up with a hot towel, lather and all that, it’s just unreal,” Harshbarger said. “You step in here and it’s like stepping back into the days of old. It’s a great atmosphere, great conversation. I don’t know anywhere else where you can get something like this.”

“The Razor and Shear is a Mecca,” Harshbarger added. “It’s a place guys have got to come.”

In addition to haircuts, The Razor and Shear offers a number of events that are scheduled for this fall, including a record exchange day and a beard grooming class.

Shaffer also plans on instructing a class where he teaches guys how to style their hair at home.

“I’ll talk to them about the way their hair grows, how much product to use, how to hold the blow-dryer and brush,” Shaffer said. “I’m not even going to touch the hair, just provide direction.”

Though his next step is to bring on more stylists, Shaffer said he loves where his business is at right now.

“If you enjoy what you’re doing, then it’s not a job,” Shaffer said. “I don’t have a job, I just get paid for doing what I like to do.”

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