The Horse Traders Mark Release with V Club Show

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Left to Right: Jeremy “Wood” Roberts, Patrick Stanely, Brandon Mooney, and Travis Egnor.

Huntington Americana band The Horse Traders will mark the release of their two-song cassette “Take It” with a headlining show at The V Club Friday.

“It’s a bedroom and guest room-recorded adventure we went on,” Patrick Stanley, guitarist/vocalist for The Horse Traders, said. “We were really pleased with a lot of the sounds we were able to get in the rooms.”

The Horse Traders are comprised of Patrick Stanley , Travis Egnor, guitar and pedal steel, Brandon Mooney, bass, and Jeremy “Wood” Roberts, drums.

“It’s a bedroom and guest room-recorded adventure we went on.””

— Patrick Stanley

Roberts said he was unsure of how the recording would sound at first.

“I own the computer it was recorded on and I didn’t have faith in it. But Travis (Egnor, recording engineer) did an awesome job and the computer wasn’t a piece of junk,” Wood said.

Aaron Fisher mixed and mastered the songs at Sissonville’s Studio 101.

Stanley wrote both of the songs with the band collaborating to complete them.

“It’s my evaluation of the end of a relationship that’s become a one-sided situation where you feel after months-and-months of working on something, the other person decides to back out and not let you know about it in the capacity you’d expect them to and the emotions you’d feel in that situation,” Stanley said of the A-side “Daisies.”

The decision to release a set of songs as a cassette comes after similar releases by Ona, Nights and Weekends and Cody Lynch, as well as wanting to have a new physical product at the group’s shows.

“We were toying with what to put out,” Stanley said. “We wanted to put out a couple of songs and not worry about putting out this huge release. The cassette seems to be a fun and inexpensive way to do it for both us and for the people who want to buy the music. As strange as it sounds a CD is almost as outdated as a cassette these days. People are going to download it anyway.”

The members occasionally play solo shows, but the group is their primary focus.

“I’ve done the double-and-triple band thing when I was younger,” Wood said, “It just seems like you play a lot of music but the quality isn’t there.”

Stanley said the group’s formula is working.

The band plans to record with engineer Bud Carroll, whose production work with Ona was recently featured on NPR Music, in the coming months for an EP release later this year.

The Horse Traders will be performing with Nick Dittmeier & The Sawdusters and Of The Dell Friday night. On Sept. 26, they will be performing at the sixth annual Huntington Music and Arts Festival at the Ritter Park Amphitheater.

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