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T.K. Dodrill Jewelers moving to Pullman Square

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T.K. Dodrill Jewelers, located at 321 Ninth St. in Huntington, will close its doors after almost 30 years and reopen April 9 at Pullman Square.
Kirk Dodrill, owner of the family owned and operated jewelry store, opened the store in 1984. He signed a lease to move his business to the former Salads with a Twist and Inspired locations.
Dodrill said he had his eyes on the downtown Pullman area to set up shop, but owns the building he is currently in and stayed for convenience.
“The corner opened up, and I didn’t give it a second thought,” Dodrill said. “A friend of mine tried to persuade me by saying my business would double or triple, even.”
Dodrill said after listening to friends and customers, he decided to give it some more thought.
“I thought about it a little bit more,” Dodrill said. “I always thought that was the best spot in town. I started hearing more of my customers saying how difficult it is to get a parking spot to get in here.”
Dodrill said he is confident with the move.
“I woke up during the night sweating thinking ‘Why did I do this?’ Dodrill said. “But now I’m very confident with it. I’m comfortable.”
Dodrill hired Stephanie Maxey to design the store’s new look. It can be compared to a big city type store, featuring stone walls, a fireplace, a coffee bar, a couple televisions and a lounge area. Dodrill said he did notwant it to look like anything else in Huntington.
“If you look at my store it’s 30 years old,” Dodrill said. “It’s straight cases with a counter in the back. This is going to be a totally different look for us. I’m excited to be in Pullman. It’s almost like two different sections of town even though I’m two blocks away.”
T.K. Dodrill Jewelers offers a selection of fashion jewelry, rings, watches and other pieces of jewelry. The store’s services include repairs, custom engraving, ring sizing, custom designed jewelry and cleaning.
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