BSU Plans Protest Against Handgun Bill

Lydia Montague, Student Reporter

Protests of a bill that would permit the carrying of concealed handguns on college campuses are being contemplated by members of Marshall’s Black Students United.

Saying she and others were “shocked after the bill passed” the state House and Delegates and the state Senate last month, senior Essence Clerkley said members of BSU have discussed a petition and a public demonstration.

The measure — Senate Bill 10, called the Campus Self-Defense Act — is awaiting Gov. Jim Justice’s signature in order to become law.

“We had been talking about a potential protest, but we also kept thinking it might not pass. A girl in the speech and debate team here at Marshall mentioned on Feb. 22 that there was a petition going out. I then sent the petition to the Black Students United group to see if we could pitch in,” Clerkley said.

According to the group’s president, Aliyah Crozier, to protest, the group would have to get a day approved for students to miss class, along with transportation. 

“There’s so many things that have to be in motion to carry that plan out. We met with the WVU Black Student Union group, and they are trying to help us as much as possible. We feel that this is a serious matter because we need to feel safe at school. We don’t feel this is the correct way. We also feel it’s wrong for them to make decisions for us, so right now, we will try our best to do what we can to make our voices heard,” Clerkley said.

To sign the petition for a potential protest against the bill, Clerkley urges students to contact BSU or the WVU Black Student Union.