Interview with Saturday Night Live Comedian, Mikey Day


Victoria Ware, Features Editor

An evening of standup comedy and an audience Q&A with Saturday Night Live (SNL) writer and cast member, Mikey Day, will take place on Oct. 23 at the Keith Albee Performing Arts Center.

   “It’s not traditional standup that I do,” Mikey Day said. “It’s a lot of telling stories. I show a few slides, and sometimes I’ll talk about SNL pitches for sketches that never made it—that never saw the light of day—and share those. Sometimes I usually close with a Q&A and answer any questions people have, because sometimes people are curious about SNL and how it works and experiences with certain hosts and whatnot.”

   Day said he especially enjoys getting to interact with the audience and meeting people from different places during these live performances.

   “I do a lot of colleges. It’s always interesting to meet the young people and realize, ‘Oh, I’m getting older.’ Sometimes I’ll just bring someone up and talk to them for a little bit too. I’ve been doing that at a lot of colleges I’ve been to because I’m just interested in the younger generation, and it’s cool to meet different people. So, I love it. I love that part.”

  During the Q&A portion of the evening, Day often receives questions about what fellow SNL cast member, Pete Davidson, is like. He is also asked which weekly hosts were his favorites on the show and how he started at SNL. “An Evening with Mikey Day” also features fellow SNL writer, Alex English.

  “Alex is going to come up there and do some standup,” Day said. “He’s a very funny gentleman—a writer at SNL. He’s very cool. I’ve performed with Alex before last year.”

   Day said that he is looking forward to interacting with people from West Virginia.

  “I don’t know if I’ve been to West Virginia before,” Day said. “So, I’m excited to talk to some folks from West Virginia.”