MU Libraries Host Annual Stress Relief Week

Grace Hewitt, Reporter

Marshall University’s library staff is preparing for much needed stress relief for students as finals approach and students tackle the academic stress of final projects and exams.  

Sarah Mollette, MU’s online learning librarian who oversees the stress relief activities said, students have stress from not just their many classes and assignments, on top of the stress of life that gets thrown into the mix.  

We created a Virtual Stress Relief kit, that walks students through techniques for coping with stress, including breathing exercises, activities, health and wellness info, and mindfulness tips that can really go a long way any time of the semester, but especially now around exams,” Mollette said.  

The University will be hosting an array of daily activities through Friday April 13.  

“We’ve got DIY machines for lanyards, keychains, buttons, magnets, paperclip bookmarks, and stickers, we’ve got our Survival Stations starting at 9 a.m. until supplies last, with snacks, planning pages, and coloring sheets to give away,” Mollette said.  

Mackenzie Jedrey, a junior, said the stress relief activities offered by the university give students the opportunity to unwind and take some time for themselves.  

“These activities are centered around the mental health and well-being of the students, and it truly shows the effort Marshall is putting into helping out their students, and the activities are free and are located on campus, making it very accessible for students,” Jedrey said.  

Jedrey encourages students to take the time and try one of the activities during the week and see how it can help them.  

Creating a study plan and keeping all my assignments in order also helps so I can stay focused, allowing myself to relax also helps me prepare for finals,” Jedrey said. “Overworking yourself can cause you to burn out so from time to time, I try to take a break and watch a movie or show with something to eat to prevent burnout from happening.”