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New Recycling and Compost Bins Have Arrived on Campus

January 18, 2022


New recycling and compost bins around campus will help process Marshall’s waste more efficiently. 

This month, 6 new recycling and compost bins have been placed in various locations around campus, including Drinko Library, the Student Center, and Science Building. The bins were previously received by the Sustainability Department shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, but their installation was put on hold until it was certain that in-person classes resume.  

Previously, Marshall’s recycling and compost bins proved too nondescript and difficult to identify. 

“We would end with a lot of trash in there. Our recycling would get contaminated, and we’d have to throw it away,” said Amy Parsons-White, Marshall’s Sustainability Manager.  

The waste in these bins will be processed along with manure donated from Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue and plant litter from around Huntington. Once turned into compost, the waste will be repurposed on campus for landscaping, the student garden, and within the College of Science for plant biology courses.  

Since 8 tons of compost are produced per day, the leftovers will be sold by students through Marshall’s agribusiness program.  

The 6 new bins were funded by grants and totaled roughly $20,000. Though more bins are expected to arrive in the future, the process will be gradual.   

“We’re doing everything we can to reduce the waste haul and save money on one side so we can take that money and re-invest in our sustainability on campus.” 

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    AnonJan 22, 2022 at 12:45 pm

    6 new bins costing 20,000 dollars? NYC levels of grift…