Vice Chancellor of Purdue University Speaks to Students on Campus

 Kathy Johnson, executive vice chancellor and chief academic officer of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, spoke on Oct. 13 at the Arthur Weisberg Family Applied Engineering Complex.

 “This just feels like a really strong fit with what I have learned and have come to understand well about our education,” Johnson said.  

Kathy Johnson offered strategic leadership and a plan for growing Marshall University’s influence as she and other presidential candidates spoke at community reception sessions. 

During her speech, Johnson proposed the idea of Marshall expanding its area of influence so it can be seen as an effective and desirable university both around the state and around the world while improving West Virginia. 

“I really think that public institutions in our country have a really important role to play,” Johnson said. “A tremendously important obligation to our community.” 

She suggested “strategic enrollment management,” a concept that would lead to Marshall strengthening its relationship with schools around the world to recruit students from outside of West Virginia and encouraging graduates to work in-region. 

“There is an opportunity to strengthen our academic programs but also to keep those graduates in our region.” 

Johnson said she was concerned about the well-being of the state. 

“West Virginia is a state that demographically is trending older and less healthy,” Johnson explained. 

 Johnson said she plans to secure Marshall as an important player in addressing a variety of issues in West Virginia and said she believes this is possible via cooperation and alliances with bodies around the world. 

“These are not just problems in the United States, these are problems all around the world,” Johnson said. “I think higher education leaders need to understand how to affect change, how to diagnose areas for potential growth or opportunities for improvement.” 

She also spoke about scenarios in which her skills would be the most beneficial. 

“I am very comfortable with and eager to engage deeply with data and information to help advise with decision making,” Johnson said. “I love solving problems.” 

Johnson is the third of five Marshall University presidential candidates to speak at these public reception meetings.

She will be followed by Arulanandam, speaking on Thursday, and Danilowicz on Monday, Oct. 18. 

The University’s Presidential revealed in a live meeting that new president will be elected on Oct. 28.