Marshall Hosts ‘Career Expo’ Event For Students


Marshall Hosts Career Expo

The College of Education at Marshall University hosted a Career Expo to help students talk to potential companies to work for in the future.  

The Career Expo is split into two days with 41 companies on Tuesday Oct 12. and 30 companies on Wednesday Oct 13. Tuesday’s expo companies included a range of business, journalism, enterprise, engineering and more. Wednesday’s expo companies include STEM and health professions.  

“This career expo helped me gain more knowledge and talk to potential employers in my industry that I am going into,” said MU student Lan Skaff. 

According to Director of Education Cris McDavid, these employers coming today and tomorrow are looking to hire part-time workers, full-time workers and interns. Students who aren’t looking for employment yet can still come and look for other opportunities before they gain hands-on experience before graduation.  

“It gives them an opportunity when they have those connections to help lead to a potential full-time job,” said McDavid.  

Students coming to the expo find a variety of companies to explore. 

“It’s good for students to go to events like this. I believe this has helped me with more opportunities,” said MU student Sidney Hill.